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We offer a full end-to-end media buying service. This encompasses all facets of Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding, across multiple Demand Side Platforms, exchanges, and Supply Side Platforms, as well as our own exclusive publisher relationships.

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Funbox has its origins in Australia, but we also operate across the world, with offices in Japan, India, US, Germany and Poland.   We trade media across multiple geographical markets and currencies, using over 20 different platforms.

We Offer:

  • Reach Buys on a CPM Model.
  • Retargeting as CPM or CPC.
  • Cookieless tracking and retargeting via our Pinpoint platform.
  • CPC Buys.
  • CPM-A, which involves an initial CPM buy optimised to a CPA target, which, with the correct model, can lead to a CPA campaign.
  • Social media interview Campaigns, which include video, mobile, and retargeting via the Facebook Exchange.
  • Targeted Media buys with 3rd Party Data overlay.
  • Contextual and Semantic Targeting.
  • Ad Serving and Analytics.
  • Consulting and Training.

Funbox can help you maximise your media buying efficiency – Contact us today to find out how!

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